How would you describe your work and style with three words?
details, fashion and fairy tales.

When did you realize you wanted to be an illustrator? 
since I was a baby and got my first crayons. I used to draw big imaginary worlds with people and dream horses and tell stories from it to my little sister.

What has been your favorite project/assignment so far? 
Almost everything is fun in their own way, but I love to work at a project for a long time and really get to sink in to it. Like last spring when I made “Dreams of Salikon”, a big project that ended up in an exhibition with my illustrations, a fashion show and live music.

What never fails to inspire you?
Nature, specially underwater worlds. Different types of textures. The idea of the old world.

Which living person do you most admire?
It varies a lot, no one in particularly.

Which is your favorite color and why? 
My color scale is quite mild, in lack of a better word.

In your portfolio we see some beautiful illustrations of women.  How do they inspire you to draw? 
I think it has to do with identification, in some way all the women are me or parts of me. On the other hand I love to draw details and structures, and in fashion illustration I really get to do that. Besides from that I love great, powerful poses, it really inspires me.

What’s your plan for the 2012?
2012 is the year of the books, I have two in the back of my head only waiting to get the time to come out on paper. Other than that I will work a lot, get an old summer house and have a big 30s birthday party!