We would like to create some kind of weird space that takes people on an emotional journey” (Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow

Miike Snow , formed in 2007, is a three man indie-rock/dance-pop band. All three members (Andrew Wyatt, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg) are accomplished musicians with years of experience creating music for others and as well as for themselves. The lead singer, Andrew Wyatt is based in New York and was previously signed to Columbia Records as a solo act. The other two members, Karlsson and Winnberg are based in Stockholm. They are also known as the production team Bloodshy & Avant and they know exactly what it takes to make good pop music—they’re the men behind the Grammy winning Britney song “Toxic.

Miike Snow’s lyrics, often dark and serious are uplifted by perky beats and melodies. While this could be confusing to a careful listener, it shouldn’t matter in the long run.
The feeling of Miike Snow’s music exemplifies perfectly a consistent quality in all great pop songs, the inability to pin-point exactly what we like about what we’re hearing—all we know is that we’re really into it and it makes us want to dance.

In our video interview, Pontus Winnberg explains how the band’s fantasy animal logo was designed by a tattoo artist and is meant to be a Jackalope. Jackalopes originate from North American folklore, but Winnberg likes to think of the band’s logo as a “Swedified” Jackalope. Winnberg also explains how choosing a band name can be quite an awkward process, and how Miike Snow became their final choice. In Winnberg’s opinion, the band is most concerned with “creating an alternative space” for their audience. Winneberg also speaks about the various remixes of Miike Snow’s singles.