With the formation of Little Gang, the Swedish indie music scene can claim a new supergroup. The project, curated by Dag För Dag’s Jacob Snavely, also includes Stockholmers Rebekka Karijord, Erik Nilsson and Shout Out Loud’s Carl von Arbin.

If “Evert’s Song” is a sneak peak at what’s to come form Little Gang, September can’t get here fast enough! The debut album, Half of Everything, will be released in the fall.

The preview track is a light pop song which doesn’t stray too much from the sounds of Shout Out Louds. However, Rebekka adds a dreamy atmosphere to the song. You might think you’re hearing an echo but it’s Rebekka’s willowy voice that is overlapping with Jacob’s deep sound.

The chorus of the two singing “dooooo” and “lalalala” just makes you want to dance around your room. The song is almost 5 1/2 minutes long so you have plenty of time to work on your steps. If that’s not enough, the laughing baby at the end will surely put a smile on your face.