Sail A Whale (named after Enya’s Orinoco Flow?) are yet another recluse electronic group from super-mysterious label Sincerely Yours – the Swedish label that brought you some of the late-2000’s most influential acts: Air France, jj, ceo and Tough Alliance. US releases are managed by Acephale Records, that also put out Korallreven and Air France.
Sail A Whale, which comprise of Sebastien Rozenberg and David Kyhlberg, have recently released a much-anticipated follow-up to their first-release remix of Korallreven’s The Truest Faith.

The Stockholm based art/band project’s latest EP A Documentation finds itself wedged somewhere in-between minimalist synth and electropop. Taking heavy influence from Francophile floor-fillers M83, especially 2005’s Before Dawn Heals Us.
Sail A Whale deal more in heavy synthesizers and muted-gruff vocals than the pop-beats of their French colleagues.
Evident in the EP’s third track ‘See You Inside’. Half of the songs on A Documentation sound more like an intro or soundtrack to video art than single tracks – but not in a bad way. It’s definitely not pop for the masses but any minimalist synth lover would be doing well to have this in their daydreams.

In terms of media, Sail A Whale are about as anonymous as Iammaiwhoami once were, web-trading exclusively in a myspace page, an ambiguous tumblr account and more recently a website for A Documentation – which features graphic-video art for all six tracks which make you truly appreciate the music. A 40-page manifesto comes with purchase of the EP, mostly full of clippings from political science academia. One feels Sincerely Yours have big things planned for this graphic-video art and music collective.